Disaster Recovery (henceforth DR) is the collection of technological measures designed to restore systems, data and infrastructure necessary for the provision of business services following major emergencies.

In a study completed in 2008 involving over 1,000 large organizations in the U.S., Europe and Asia, which was published in Computer World, the following shocking data were reported:

  • 33% of companies have implemented DR plans
  • 30% of the tests carried out failed
  • 47% of the companies test their DR plan once a year at best (if not less) due to the interruption caused to business activities and a lack of staff
  • Only 31% of respondents stated that they would be able to restore basic operations within a single day, whereas 47% admitted that it would take at least a week to do so.

In view of this information a question immediately arises:

To what extent does my expensive Disaster Recovery Plan protect me from a real disaster?

If the DC (Data Centre) shuts down unexpectedly, how long will it take to restore it to its previous condition?

In light of the above survey, the answer is far from easy.

Now, while it is a good idea to adopt a DR plan, why not implement those measures and precautions needed to create a Disaster Prevention (DP) plan?

The same study states that:

  • 36% of disasters occur due to hardware and software failure
  • 26% due to power outages
  • 23% due to reasons connected to natural phenomena

Sentinet3® can implement an effective Disaster Prevention system capable of preventing disasters caused by:

  • Hardware and software failures
  • Power outages
  • Natural phenomena, such as flooding and overheating

Sentinet3® can, if necessary, carry out a sequential and secure shutdown of the entire data centre or a single server.

Indeed, the sudden shutdown of an entire data centre or an out-of-sequence shutdown of the servers’ internal services, can cause inconsistencies within servers which make it impossible to quickly resume normal activities.

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