Monitoring applications to identify and solve problems before customers do is the IT manager core mission.

Today applications are multylayered to cope with scalability and availability issues and this increasing application complexity transforms the application monitoring and troubleshooting a into an hard task. Many IT administrator to cope this kind of problems are monitoring only a few parameters because to monitor more complex issues is a very hard problem. 

With SentiNet³ Application Monitoring you can easily monitor your applications at all levels, in fact you can do:

  • Fault Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Configuration Monitoring

Fault Monitoring

Monitor metrics to detect not only application errors but errors on the server where the application are running:

- Server UP/Down
- Network latency (Up/Down)
- Ram
- Web/Application/Database servers availability

Performance Monitoring

Monitor all the application elements:

- Server availabiliy (timing)
- Servlet/Jsp/EJB time response
- Active web session
- Application specific CPU usage
- Application specific Memory usage
- Web server mean time response
- Database mean time response

Configuration Monitoring

Monitors changes in applications configuration variables:

- JNDI configuration
- Servlet engine
- EJB container
- JDBC connection
- HTTP configuration
- ODBC connection
- Oracle Server
- SQL Server
- Application specific configuration files

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