Sentinet3 monitors both all the server physical resources (Disk, RAM, CPU, etc...) and running processes .
You can set threshold to identify correct system state (OK, Warning, Critical) and send alarm via SMS and/or email when they are reached.


content img 50f3dee1c46f6When a server changes state, for example passing from OK to CRITICAL, SentiNet³ can activate a proactive action to force the server to return to OK State.
But SentiNet³ can do more! It can do a performance monitoring to find out bottlenecks.

SentiNet³ monitors the uptime and performance of all server types:

  • Database servers Oracle, MS Sql Server, MySql, IBM DB2
  • Unified communication systems like Cisco or MsExchange
  • Web servers like Apache or IIS
  • Application servers like Jboss or Tomcat


Protocols used are the most important like SNMP, all that inside TCP/IP suite like (TCP, udp, smtp, ftp, telnet, icmp, http, imap, pop3...) or protocols like JMX, WMI or CORBA.

SentiNet³ can do agentless and agentfull monitoring as well.


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