Rome, 17 March 2016 – Big news in the IT infrastructure monitoring field: the new SentiNet3® version, the first Italian Proactive Monitoring appliance, issued by Fata Informatica, a company that has been providing high value-added specialist services in the computer technologies and telecommunications field for twenty years, is now able to ensure an even more pervasive monitoring.

The 4.4 di SentiNet3® version has just been released on the market and has a sophisticated Behavioral Learning Engine that is able to study the IT infrastructure behaviors, and provide advanced information to IT managers. 



 In this way you can not only ensure a monitoring
service, but also a real time alerting thresholds update, based on the
infrastructure changes. Into an IT infrastructure, the alert thresholds may
need to change over time: for example, the network bandwidth usage thresholds,
could be different on the weekdays or public holidays  


"Companies need to realize that an IT infrastructure is a highly complex and dynamic system that requires a constant and pervasive monitoring. For this reason an administrator, must know the thresholds above which an alarm signal will be generated. However, this doesn't occur frequently, and you have to deal with ineffective monitoring systems because of bad thresholds settings"– Antonio Capobianco said, Fata Informatica CEO who adds:" In our Company, Fata Informatica, we have been working in the IT monitoring field for several years, handling every aspect of it and paying the most attention to the IT infrastructure dynamic nature, constantly subjected to changing threats. The Behavioral Learning Engine introduced in the 4.4 Sentinet3 version, has been designed to give a concrete response to your IT infrastructure security needs, thanks to the use of dynamic thresholds and appropriate thresholds suggestions, based on the real behavior of the service you need to monitor."Come per le versioni precedenti, anche l’ultima versione di SentiNet3® assicura una tempestiva segnalazione – tramite un sms o una e-mail – nel caso in cui si verificasse un degrado delle prestazioni dei dispositivi e delle applicazioni, così da intervenire e assicurare sempre la continuità del servizio.


As well as previous versions, the latest version of SentiNet3® provides a timely alerting – by text messages or e-mail –when devices performance degradation and applications occurs, so you can intervene and ensure service continuity.

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