Sentinet3® purpose is to help IT infrastructure managers with a powerful monitoring system that can let them sleep easy while Datacenter and Business Processes are under strict control, andBusiness/Financial managers will reduce costs.This article will be focused on Economical advantages of Sentinet3® adoption.


The company’s business/financial managers:

  • Reduce acquisition costs.
  • Eliminate licensing costs.
  • Acquire a complete product including all add-ons.
  • Reduce the deployment effort.
  • Reduce the TCO (Total cost of ownership).

Economic benefits

Reduce acquisition costs

The selling price of this product is of a much lower order than that of Enterprise class competitor products.

Eliminate licensing costs

Nowadays, most of the big name monitoring products are sold under license. As the company’s machines and services fleet grows, costs rise in proportion to the number of additional required licenses . Once a commercial product has been purchased, typically at a significant cost, if the company hosts a new server or service, it must inevitably purchase additional licenses. It is like buying a top of the range, luxury car and then finding that once a new child comes along, you have to pay extra to bring the baby along. The article "Best Practices for Network and System Monitoring" published on warns readers to be wary of pricing models based on the number of ports, probes, monitored services, etc. The ideal product is a product sold to be used without restriction on all systems, equipment and services available. The growth of the datacenter should not result in an increase of costs of a previously purchased product! Sentinet3® follows this philosophy. In fact, once you purchase the product, you can monitor all servers, devices and services available; no new licenses have to be purchased as the size of the machine park to be monitored grows.

Acquire a complete product including all plug-ins

One of the most frustrating aspects for customers relating to the acquisition of a monitoring solution are the hidden costs. Besides licensing costs, the big cost factor in the final cost of the solution are the number of plug-ins or agents required to monitor each separate platform. Traditional products do not include plug-ins, which are sold separately and hence increase acquisition costs. Sentinet3®’s pricing model sees the sale as that of a complete product. There are no extra plug-ins for sale separately, and all agents are included in the product price.

Reduce the deployment effort.

Among the hidden costs mentioned in the Forbes article, which are generally underestimated are those linked to the product deployment (installation and start-up). As Sentinet3® is delivered as a preinstalled and complete product, its configuration solely concerns the customisation of the monitored controls of network. This helps to reduce installation times to a minimum. The deployment of traditional monitoring systems requires substantial infrastructure changes, which bring with them further costs. Sentinet3® on the other hand, is compatible with existing technologies and makes it possible to monitor existing networks without requiring major infrastructure changes. Indeed, deployment is reduced to a simply inserting Sentinet3® into the network and then making the necessary customisation to the controls.

Reduce the TCO (Total cost of ownership)

The TCO encompasses all direct and indirect costs arising throughout a product’s life cycle once it has been acquired by a company. However, the product is only a small piece of the whole puzzle of technology acquisition. The customer is often left with the burden of having to procure the remaining pieces required to make the acquired product operate:

  • Operating system.
  • Database.
  • Web server.
  • Storage.

Each of these components represents an additional cost to the customer. In addition to the cost of these components, dozens of consultancy days are also required in order to:

  • Install the operating system.
  • Install the web server.
  • Perform the operating system and server updates.
  • Install purchased solutions.
  • Configure solutions for working with the web and database server.
  • Monitor and identify all patches that have to be installed.

Due to the complexity of traditional solutions, it is often necessary to pay for expensive services for setting up, configuring and maintaining the system. Sentinet3®, as a pre-installed and absolutely self-consistent hardware device eliminates the problem at the source. Once you buy Sentinet3® there is no longer any need to face additional charges, even for the regular expansion of the monitored network or the introduction of new projects. No new license or plug-in has to be acquired; just create the checks using the simple tools of Sentinet3® and the new machine or service will be monitored immediately.

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