The EPA, the U.S. environmental protection agency, holder of the standard for energy efficiency Star, commissioned to the University of Berkeley (California) the investigations of the energy consumption of office equipment.
One of the major sources of energy loss appears to be the profile "always on",  the use of standards for the management of the server, but the client management could make a difference with an active intervention to save energy.

 The Energy Star website says "spending on electricity for office equipment has (at least) the fastest growing item on your electricity bill in the tertiary sector, with the highest potential for savings. By adopting policies and measures best suited for the energy saving potential of office equipment is more than 50%. "

Thanks to Sentinet³ is possible to provide a method of automatic shutdown of the client company, also providing switch-off times differentiated, for example, one for the client of production and the other for those of direction or you can schedule shutdown of equipment in "stand by "or devoid of activity.

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