The infrastructure monitoring lets you know the amount of power consumed by your corporate server platform and allows you to check the efficiency of your data center.

A vision of the infrastructure "green perspective" sulbusiness impact in terms of energy and in terms of costs. Enhancing functionality coincides with a significant reduction in expenditure.

DCIM stands for Datacenter Infrastructure Management, that is the set of devices or tools that can monitor and measure the performance of a data center and energy consumption.

In practice, the DCIM is the tool usingby  the Green Datacenter to support more efficient data centers and IT managers with a particular attention to the problems of energy efficiency.

From an article published by Gartner (DCIM: Going Beyond IT), emerges as the use of these tools is able to reduce energy consumption of a CED  also of 20%. 
It is estimated that 60% of the top 2014 Datacenter adopt such tools.

The EPA, the U.S. environmental protection agency, holder of the standard for energy efficiency Star, commissioned to the University of Berkeley (California) the investigations of the energy consumption of office equipment.
One of the major sources of energy loss appears to be the profile "always on",  the use of standards for the management of the server, but the client management could make a difference with an active intervention to save energy.

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