Thanks to an innovative template system developed in Sentinet3 you will be able to monitor hundreds of parameters about the most complex servers with a simple click at the same time.

In this article we'll show what you can do on a Microsoft Sharepoint Server installation.

Using "Sentinet3 Template SharePoint" and you can monitor:

The Server
Web Pages
The monitoring starts from the "base", THE SERVER

Server reachability: In the first time Sentinet3 controls the reachability of the machine, then it guarantees or less the forwarding of the additional controls on the same machine depending on the obtained response.
80 port reachability (http request)
443 port reachability (https request)
Ram check percentage of ram usage
Cpu check percentage of CPU usage
Proc check on process running
ProcNum check the number of the process running
Disk percentage of Disk usage
Page_size check file size
All_size_pages check all files size
Page_age check the file creation time
Networks check the server valid interfaces
Uptime check the server uptime
All_Driver_size Disk usage of all Disks
Event_Log_Application check the event log in the last 4 hours
Service_OK check the services that start up at boot
"Sentinet3 Template Sharepoint" has a sophisticated network check interfaces, that is able to return the following information for each individual interface using a single query:

Interface Staus up or down
IP Address
Speed check the rate in Mbit
Packet Error
Traffico check IN and OUT traffic in Mbit
Service availability, SharePoint

Before you proceed to the next stage of the monitoring, you should make sure that the service is available, it would not sense to monitor SharePoint if this is not even available.

Sentinet3 has a check that is able to know if SharePoint is running or not, then it will move on to the next step depending on the obtained response.

From the base to the "heart", WEB PAGES

Sentinet3 interrogates SharePoint, by making a request through authentication, to return information as:

SharePoint_DownloadSpeed check web pages speed in MB/s
SharePoint_WebPageok a web page reachability
In the case of the threshold values exceeded, Sentinet3 sends SMS and/or E-MAIL to inform the competent person of any problems found in the services mentioned above.

In addition, "Sentinet3 Template SharePoint" is able to send requests through the WMI protocol to return information such as:

SharePoint_AnonymousUsersPersec check the anonymus users per second
SharePoint_BytesReceivedPersec check byte recived per second
SharePoint_ConnectionAttemptsPersec check connection attempts per second
SharePoint_CurrentAnonymousUsers check current anonymus users
SharePoint_CurrentConnections check current connections
SharePoint_CurrentNonAnonymousUsers check current non anonymus user conneted to the web page
SharePoint_LogonAttemptsPersec check log-on attempts per second
SharePoint_NonAnonymousUsersPersec check non anonymus users per second
SharePoint_NotFoundErrorsPersec check on not found errors per second
SharePoint_ServiceUptime check service uptime

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