Sentinet³ per monitorare i Server Linux

Thanks to the innovative patterns developed in Sentinet3, it is possible to monitor at the same time hundreds of parameters for more complex servers with a simple click.

In this article we will show you what you can do on Linux machines.

Every IT administrator must always accomplish the task of monitoring and controlling load activities for workstation clients and especially for what concerns machines as servers, where the operation should always be maximized and for this reason it is necessary to know the tasks that engage the machines at all times.

Performing this monitoring is often to time-consuming, so Sentinet3 proposes “Sentinet3 Linux Server Pattern”, an aid for IT administrators to monitor their infrastructure.

“Sentinet3 Linux Server Pattern” is specialized in providing full access to the hardware and operating system-level monitoring of all versions of Linux including Red Hat, Fedora, and others on x86 systems and AMD64/EM64T architectures .

“Sentinet3 Pattern Server Linux” checks are:

  • Raggiungibilità delle macchine
  • /tmp /tmp size
  • Mem physical memory usage percentage
  • Swap swap memory usage percentage
  • Cpu cpu percentage usage
  • Disk space disk percentage
  • Interface checks if the interface is UP or DOWN
  • Process_running checks if the process is running
  • Process_mem checks the mem used by a process
  • Process_Num checks the number of processes in execution

“Sentinet3 Pattern Server Linux” has a sophisticated network interfaces control and, with a single query to the server, it is able to restore the following information for each interface:

  • Interface status up or down
  • IP address ip interface address
  • MAC mac interface address
  • Speed speed control (Mbit)
  • Packet Error number of packet error
  • Traffico traffic IN and OUT
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