Sentinet³ per monitorare i Server Windows

Grazie agli innovativi Pattern sviluppati in Sentinet3 è possibile monitorare contemporaneamente centinaia di parametri anche dei server più complessi con un semplice click.

Thanks to the innovative patterns developed in Sentinet3, it is possible to monitor at the same time hundreds of parameters for more complex servers with a simple click.

In this article we will show you what you can do on Windows machines.

Businesses increasingly rely on IT networks. Its monitoring should be the priority of any network administrator, as it helps to prevent server failures, detect excessive consumption of bandwidth and calculate the consumption of resources. To perform a proper and deep monitoring of resources may be too laborious and time-consuming, so Sentinet3 proposes an aid to IT administrators, the Server Patterns.
Server Patterns are the new technology adopted by Sentinet3 to monitor the most varied types of servers in use. The packages available include “Sentinet3 Windows Server Pattern” that deals with the monitoring of Windows and proposes to carry out specific checks.

With “Sentinet3 Windows Server Pattern” the IT administrator will be able to monitor individual processes running on the machine and identify for each state, memory used for its execution, CPU consumption as well as the employment of discs to be able to intervene at any critical moment.

Among the controls that the pattern makes on the machines we can find:

  • Reachability of the machine
  • Ram checks the ram usage percentage
  • Cpu checks the cpu usage
  • Proc checks the process in execution
  • ProcNum checks the number of the processes in execution
  • Disk checks the discs space
  • Page_size checks the file size percentage
  • All_size_pages checks all the file size
  • Page_age checks the page age
  • Networks checks the valid server interfaces
  • Uptime checks server uptime
  • All_Driver_size checks the all drive size
  • Event_Log_Application checks the event log application in the last four hours
  • Service_OK checks the service started
  • CPU _queque_5

“Sentinet3 Windows Server Pattern” has a sophisticated network interfaces control and, with a single query to the server, it is able to restore the following information for each interface:

  • Interface status up or down
  • IP address ip interface address
  • MAC mac interface address
  • Speed speed control (Mbit)
  • Packet Error number of packet error
  • Traffico traffic IN and OUT
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