Application Monitoring

Application monitoring to find out and solve problems before your customer does is the mission of an IT administrator


System Monitoring

SentiNet³ monitors both all the server physical resources (Disk, RAM, CPU, etc…) and running processes . You can set threshold to identify correct system state (OK, Warning, Critical) and send alarm via SMS and/or email when they are reached.


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 Network Monitoring

SentiNet³ monitors all your network devices vital for the life of your network such as routers and switches and all the network traffic in order to alert the network administrator when needed.


 Environmental Monitoring

SentiNet³ does Environmental monitoring to control all the datacenter vital parameters like temperature, humidity, power energy, smoke or other collected using software or hardware probes.


 Security Monitoring

Sentinet³® is a Unified Proactive Monitoring appliance born to give to IT administrator a device able to monitor network, devices, servers, services and applications.


Application monitoring to find out and solve problems before your customer does is the mission of an IT administrator. Nowadays all applications are built on more than o...

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Thanks to an innovative template system developed in Sentinet3 you will be able to monitor hundreds of parameters about the most complex servers with a simple click at th...

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Fata Informatica will be present at the Event Sicurezza del Territorio: Metodi e tecnologie per la prevenzione e la gestione dell'emergenza which will be held on Jun...

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