Over the past few years e-commerce in Italy Has grown steadily, recovering respect to a non-positive past and gradually establishing itself as a crucial channel for Italian companies wanting to do business.


According to the data recently released by Netcomm on e-commerce, the trend of total turnover ( +20% annually in recent years) is estimated at over 13 billion euros per in 2014, with a rise of Italian online consumers from 9 to 16 million over the last three years.  (Observatory B2c Netcomm-Politecnico di Milano, October 2014).
In particular, according to the data contained in the report 2014, Italians who have bought online at least once in their lifetime are 21,8 million, 16 million only in the last quarter and 10 million of which are regular online shoppers - mostly people who do this once a month.
It is essential that the services offered on the web to the end-user are fast and reliable. A response time to a click that is not in line with the exppectations of the end user might lead to lose the customer, who will turn to another website to find what is looking for.
It is important to keep control of the end user experience so that you can understand if the service provided meets the expectations of the customer.

The Sentinet3 End User Experience Form allows you to constantly monitor the response times of your web application to advise promptly when they fall below critical threshold.
With this module you can store specific scenarios corresponding to customer's navigation path within their portal and run them continuously in order to understand the true end user experience.
Further information provided are:

  • Resources loaded
  • Logon domains
  • Details about the speed of individual web pages
  • Transaction Analysis
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