Thanks to the innovative patterns developed in Sentinet3, it is possible to monitor at the same time hundreds of parameters for more complex servers web with a simple click.
In this article we will show you what you can do on a server web like IIS.

The IIS web server allows you to share information with users on the Internet, intranet, extranet where monitoring of its performance, response times, etc., is fundamental for its users.

Sentinet3 assists in being proactive in monitoring web server IIS, through “Sentinet3 IIS Pattern” it connects itself to the IIS server and monitors the resources (bandwidth, CPU, memory) and the parameters of use of the web server, important metrics to checkin order to prevent attacks on ones website.

Sentinet3 is able to monitor, thanks to specific Pattern, any type of web server and to send in case of exceeding of threshold values, SMS and / or MAIL to inform of any problem encountered in services.

The “Sentinet3 IIS Pattern” checks are:


  • Reachability of the machine

  • Accessibility port 80 (http request)
  • Accessibility port 443 (https request)

  • Ram checks percentage mem usage
  • Cpu checks cpu usage
  • Proc checks process status
  • ProcNum checks number of the execution process
  • Disk checks disk usage
  • Page_size checks the file size
  • All_size_pages checks all file sizes
  • Page_age checks the creation time of a file
  • Networks checks the valid interfaces of a server
  • Uptime server uptime
  • All_Driver_size checks all driver sizes
  • Event_Log_Application checks the event log application in the last 4 hours
  • Service_OK checks the service running

“Sentinet3 IIS Pattern” has a sophisticated network interfaces control and, with a single query to the server, it is able to restore the following information for each interface:

  • Interface status up or down
  • IP address ip interface address
  • MAC mac interface address
  • Speed speed control (Mbit)
  • Packet Error number of packet error
  • Traffico traffic IN and OUT

Parametri specifici del server web

  • AnonymousUsersPersec checks anonymous users per second
  • BytesReceivedPersec checks bytes received per second
  • ConnectionAttemptsPersec checks connection attempts per second
  • CurrentAnonymousUsers checks anonymous users currently connected to the site
  • CurrentConnections checks current connection
  • CurrentNonAnonymousUsers checks non-anonymous users currently connected to the site
  • LogonAttemptsPersec checks attempts to log on to the second
  • NonAnonymousUsersPersec checks non-anonymus users per sec
  • NotFoundErrorsPersec checks not found errors per second
  • ServiceUptime server web uptime
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