Thanks to the innovative patterns developed in Sentinet3, it is possible to monitor at the same time hundreds of parameters even for more complex network equipment with a simple click.
In this article we will show you what you can do on a Cisco device.

Cisco is the market leader in enterprise network and boasts different types of network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, etc.. All these products are designed to provide optimum levels of service to businesses and therefore it is important that they are monitored assiduously.

The risk prediction is the primary determining factor in action plans regarding equipment malfunctions. In a few steps Sentinet3 allows to monitor essential parameters for the operation of any Cisco device so you can take immediate action with the support of the notification system.

Thanks to “Sentinet3 Cisco Pattern” you can check the functionality of the devices, in particular it has a sophisticated interfaces system control, with a single query to the router and/or switch it is capable of restoring different information. For each interface you can customize the warning and critical values for inbound and outbound traffic, indicate which and how many interfaces you want to monitor and attribute a custom name, thanks to a wizard that guides you to the proper customization of the parameters to monitor.

the “Sentinet3 Cisco Pattern” checks are:


  • Reachability of the machine
  • Temperature temperature check
  • Fans check on fans
  • Power check on power
  • Mem mem usage percentage
  • Cpu cpu usage percentage

NETWORK (info about each network interfaces)

  • Interface status up or down
  • IP addrress ip interface address
  • MAC mac interface address
  • Speed speed control
  • Packet Error number of packet error
  • Traffic Traffic in/OUT
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