Thanks to the innovative patterns developed in Sentinet3, it is possible to monitor at the same time hundreds of parameters for more complex servers with a simple click.

In this article we will show you what you can do on a web server like Hyper-V server.

Microsoft Hyper-V is a hypervisor-based virtualization solution for x86-64 and plays an important role in the setting of server virtualization. A virtualized environment is always more often used to reach a series of business goals aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing costs, but the monitoring of an entire virtualized infrastructure may be laborious and time-consuming. For this reason Sentinet3 provides the new "Patterns" that guarantee a fast and effective way to monitor servers and clients of your virtualized infrastructure.

"Sentinet3 Hyper-V Server Pattern" guarantees the simultaneous control of the Hyper-V server and all guest machines so as to ensure a comprehensive and update monitoring of all infrastructure, proceeding with checks ranging from the general (the server) to the particular (VMs).

The monitoring strarts from "general", THE Hyper-V SERVER

  • Reachability of the machine
  • Info VM machine on server
  • Info machines in execution
  • Ram checks the ram usage percentage
  • Cpu checks the cpu usage
  • Proc checks the process in execution
  • ProcNum checks the number of the processes in execution
  • Disk checks the discs space
  • Page_size checks the file size percentage
  • All_size_pages checks all the file size
  • Page_age checks the page age
  • Networks checks the valid server interfaces
  • Uptime checks server uptime
  • All_Driver_size checks the all drive size
  • Event_Log_Application checks the event log application in the last four hours
  • Service_OK checks the service started

From general to "particular", VM performances

  • Uptime uptime VM
  • Ram checks the allocated ram of a single VM
  • Cpu checks cpu in use by each VM
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